Justin Johnson, DPM

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"From the very first contact with Dr. Johnsons staff, I was made to feel like the most important patient, and that my situation was of most importance to them. I feel so comfortable working with Doctor and his staff. Thank you for again making me feel so comfortable and cared for.  

Sincerely, Cindy From Grants Pass


I am writing to let people know what a great Doctor Justin T Johnson DPM truly is. In 1995 I had a left foot injury that I had not been treated for. I had a severe sprained left ankle & also my left great toe was broken. I seen my PCP at the time and the ankle was treated but the left great toe was not. After many years I reinjured my Left great toe which was causing pain and seen a Medford Podiatrist for him to fix my left great toe I would have to be out of work for 6 weeks non weight bearing. I had to put it off because I could not afford to take that much time off. Doctor Johnson is a great person and his staff is the best. They all make me feel welcome. I told Doctor Johnson about my past injury and he took a look and I had the surgery done. I was walking right after surgery and went back to work the following Tuesday. Minimal pain and the incision looks great. I am so happy with the outcome I just want to get up and dance. Doctor Johnson you are a miracle worker and my toe looks great    -Helen from Medford